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Apartments available for general applications

Some of Helsingin Asuntohankinta’s apartments are available for general applications at the market price. The Applying for rental housing service of the City of Helsinki will announce any rental apartments due to become available for general applications via the Vuokraovi.com service, where you can also search for apartments. You can recognise the apartments owned by Oy Helsingin Asuntohankinta Ab from the logo “Tämän asunnon omistaa Oy Helsingin Asuntohankinta Ab”. The logo in the rental announcements is the same as on the helah.fi front page.

Apartments rented out at the market price are mainly rented out for a maximum period of five years at a time. Recipients of these apartments are required to have a regular income and a good credit record.

The apartments owned by Helsingin Asuntohankinta that are available for general applications are particularly suitable for the young residents of Helsinki who are starting their careers and for people moving to Helsinki for work.

The company does not require a rental security deposit in the apartments that are available for general applications.

There is no option to change privately financed apartments.

You cannot apply for multiple apartments that are available for general application at the same time; you must submit a separate application for each listed apartment that is due to become available.