About us

Helsingin Asuntohankinta is a company owned by the City of Helsinki that provides apartment services to the residents of Helsinki. The company owns around 3,500 apartments around Helsinki. The apartments are mostly located in individual housing companies and most of them are studio and two-room apartments.

The company owns both privately financed rental apartments and Ara apartments that are rented out to those who are in need of an apartment through the City of Helsinki. The City of Helsinki uses some of the company’s apartments as company and service housing.

Helsingin Asuntohankinta was founded on 1983 to own shares in housing and real estate companies and to rent out the apartments it manages for the use indicated by the city. The company became fully operational in 1984.

As decided by the city in 2009, the company will not acquire any new apartments for the time being.

Since the beginning of 2010, the operations of Helsingin Asuntohankinta have been managed by KOy Auroranlinna, which is also wholly owned by the City of Helsinki. The company does not have its own staff.

The company carries out centralised inspections of its apartments when tenants move in and out, as well as orders and manages any renovation works in the apartments. The tenants whose apartments were available for general applications have a rental contract with Helsingin Asuntohankinta and deal with the company on matters related to the rental contract and key management.

Site-specific property management, property maintenance, cleaning as well as maintenance work and repairs are always provided by the housing company where the apartment managed by Helsingin Asuntohankint is located.

You can download the company’s 30-year history- published in 2014- in Finnish here in pdf form.