Services for residents (rental contracts, termination, keys, etc.)

In all matters related to the rental contract, apartment keys, and other tenancy-related matters, those renting their apartment directly from Oy Helsingin Asuntohankinta Ab deal directly with the company office. More information can be found in the Company office section.

Other tenants living in the apartments owned by the company deal in these tenancy-related matters with the landlord stated in the rental contract.

Parking space reservations and collecting parking space keys, sauna reservations, submitting moving notifications to the housing association, collecting keys to additional facilities (if the housing association has any) and any matters relating to shared laundry rooms, such as collecting the key for the reservation lock, are managed by resident support services. When moving out, any laundry locks and keys to other facilities and parking spaces should be returned to the place indicated by the housing association. Any cancellation of sauna reservations and parking spaces should also be made to the place indicated by the housing association. The abovementioned matters are usually managed by the company’s property management office or property maintenance company.