Our apartments

Most of our apartments are studio and two-room apartments in individual housing companies around Helsinki. According to housing satisfaction surveys, the residents of Helsinki who live in our apartments are very satisfied with both the location of their apartment and living in owner-occupied apartments as tenants.

Responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of the properties, cleaning and property management lies with someone other than the owner of the rental apartment, i.e., Helsingin Asuntohankinta. However, this does not have a negative impact on the quality of living, and the tenants are mainly happy with how things are managed in the housing association. The tenants are also happy with the repairs that are carried out by Helsingin Asuntohankinta and other landlords (when the landlord is someone other that Helsingin Asuntohankinta). The operations of both Helsingin Asuntohankinta’s and subletters’ customer services have also received positive feedback. The subletters are communities belonging to the Helsinki City Group.

We own a total of 3,500 apartments. 48 percent of the apartments are Ara rental apartments funded by state subsidised ARAVA housing loans and 52 percent of the apartments are privately financed rental apartments. Since the apartments are mainly individual apartments in individual housing companies, we do not provide any compiled information about them. The information such as the size, rooms and location of each apartment are available on the rental announcement when the apartment becomes available for application.

More information on how to apply for housing can be found on the Apartment search section.