Bathroom maintenance

The water usage is greater in the bathroom than in other rooms of the house. You can and should decrease the bathroom’s moisture load, firstly, by turning off the shower while you apply shampoo and soap and, secondly, by wiping the water from the walls to the floor and from there to a floor drain with a wiper. Furthermore, it is also a good idea to leave the bathroom door ajar to help it dry faster.

The best way to clean grouting between wall tiles is by using a brush and cleaning substance designed for the task.

The bathroom floor drain and sink drain trap should be cleaned out regularly. Hair and dust can gather in the water lock, which in the worst-case scenario can block the water lock and cause water damage.

Watch a video Cleaning the bathroom floor drain.
Watch a video Cleaning drain traps.

Cleaning the bathroom floor drains is the resident’s responsibility. Hair, dust, and other solids can quickly gather in the floor drains, and it has to be removed for the drain to work properly without drying out. If the floor drain dries out, an unpleasant, drain-type odour can quickly spread through the apartment.