Management of waste

Please sort your domestic waste. The less mixed waste a property produces, the cleaner our shared future will be, with raw materials reused rather than simply thrown away. Sorting also leads to societal savings on waste management costs and reduced living costs. You can use not just the waste collection containers in your building, but also your local collection points for recycling.

Old furniture, domestic appliances, bicycles, car tyres, batteries, and other such items must be taken to an HSY Sortti Station, or, if they are in a suitable condition for recycling, to one of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre stores, for example. If necessary, you can use a collection service, if offered by the operator – more information can be found on or Only waste that fits into the waste collection containers and that is the kind of waste the container is intended for may be left in the waste collection room, shelter, or yard area.

The waste sorting instructions can be found by clicking here.
Watch a video Sorting biowaste
The plastic packaging sorting instructions can be found here.

Make sorting as easy as possible. In this apartment’s kitchen, the sink cabinet contains a bin with a lid for biowaste and separate bins for plastic waste, mixed waste, and small metal waste, because these are most common wastes in the kitchen. Papers, cardboard and returnable bottles and cans can be collected to separate bins elsewhere in the apartment.