Pest control

Any sightings of pests, either in an apartment or elsewhere in the property, must be reported immediately to both the housing association’s defect notifications service and the landlord. A good description, and if possible, a photo of the pest, will make it easier to deal with the issue. The housing association will implement pest control measures, if necessary. Some pest insects, such as carpet beetles, saw-toothed grain beetles, or Indian meal moths, can usually be dealt with by residents themselves. Bed bugs, German cockroaches and rats in the yard area, amongst other pests, must always be dealt with by a pest control specialist. Help with identification and guidelines on dealing with pests can be found in places such as

The pests most often spotted inside the home are insects, including bedbugs, carpet beetle larvae, German cockroaches, and other pests. Pests often get into the home in luggage or with purchases from shops, such as powders or dried fruits. The best way of preventing pest problems in the home is thorough and regular cleaning and checking your food packaging for damage. Luggage should always be checked after a trip, to ensure you have not brought back any unwanted guests.

Rats and other rodents cause the greatest nuisance around and outside properties. The dirtier the waste collection areas are, the better they thrive. Feeding birds also increases the number of rodents in the property area.

Bedbugs are particularly difficult to deal with. Any bedbug suspicions must be reported immediately to both the housing association’s property manager and the landlord.