Responsibilities in maintenance

The apartment’s maintenance responsibilities are stated in the division of responsibilities table. You can download and print the table from the Division of responsibilities section. A general rule is that all defects that are the housing association’s responsibility should be immediately reported by using the defect notification service and all defects that are the landlord’s responsibility should be reported to the landlord stated on the rental contract. See the quick guide on defect notifications here.

Residents should remember that they are always responsible for their own property. Helsingin Asuntohankinta recommends that all residents take out a comprehensive home insurance that provides cover if you cannot reside in your apartment for a period of time and that includes liability insurance.

Division of responsibilities

The division of responsibilities table sets out what things are the responsibility of the resident and what is the responsibility of the housing association, and it can be found here.

The table shows what the resident, housing association and landlord (Oy Helsingin Asuntohankinta Ab or the landlord of a sublet apartment) are each responsible for when it comes to various repairs.

For example, cleaning the apartment is always the resident’s responsibility – including the final cleaning when moving out.

Apartment repairs

Any renovations in the apartment that the residents want to make always requires a permit from the owner of the apartment, Helsingin Asuntohankinta, and the housing association.

The apartments shall not be renovated whilst they are occupied, unless there is a compelling reason. Helsingin Asuntohankinta does not carry out any “facelift renovations” to apartments whilst the apartments are occupied. However, apartments may be refurbished or renewed as part of large repair works, such as those concerning the entire stairwell or the building’s bathroom and toilet facilities, whilst the apartments are occupied. In this case, the tenant’s movable possessions are their own responsibility, if they are stored in the renovated premises.

Repair or renewal works may be carried out in apartments whilst they are occupied in instances such as when appliances or fixtures are malfunctioning or if there is moisture damage. Repair visits related to these are normally agreed on with the tenant, but in cases such as an acute moisture damage, access may be granted to apartments by using a master key without prior notice.