The Finnish Tobacco Act prohibits smoking in all shared areas of the property and in public areas, including lifts. The housing association’s code of conduct states whether smoking is allowed in the apartment or on its balcony and whether there is a separate smoking area designated for the smokers. If smoking is not prohibited, please be considerate to your neighbours when smoking on balconies and in yards in choosing where to smoke and when disposing of your cigarette butts appropriately. If the housing association has prohibited smoking, it also applies to all the premises of the apartment.

Residents have a right and opportunity to submit a notification about disruptive smoking to the housing company’s property manager, if they are routinely suffering from smoke entering their apartment from elsewhere, such as from another apartment’s balcony.

Smoking on balconies can easily cause a nuisance to your neighbours. For this reason, balconies are not suitable places for smoking. The housing association’s code of conduct may also prohibit smoking on balconies.