Storage facilities

There is dedicated storage space in apartment blocks for bikes. There is often room to store prams and pushchairs too. Storing prams and pushchairs, outdoor sports and play equipment, or other possessions is not allowed in stairwells or basement corridors for fire safety reasons.

The outdoor equipment storage area is not intended for storing children’s toys and nor is it a playground. It is in everyone’s best interests to ensure the doors to the storage spaces are kept locked.

There is often a separate storage space for each apartment, intended for personal possessions, in apartment blocks. The owner of the property can provide you information on any storage spaces belonging to the apartments and whether the tenant will be charged a separate fee for the use of storage spaces.

The storage space doors are usually equipped for use with a padlock, which tenants should purchase themselves. If your building features separate cold storage facilities in the basement, you must also provide a lock for your storage space.

Petrol canisters and other flammable liquids and gases (e.g., gas canisters for gas-powered barbecues) must never be stored indoors including storage spaces. This also applies to the storage spaces of terraced house apartments.