If the rental contract is for a fixed term, the rental contract for the apartment ends on the date stated in the contract with no separate notice required. If the rental contract is terminated, the contract ends after a notice period. The notice period is one (1) calendar month. In practice, this means that a rental contract ends at the end of the next full calendar month after notice is given.

The notice of termination must be made in writing and must be signed by all parties concerned by using the notice of termination of a rental contract form that is available on the Forms page. This form should also be used in situations where one or more signatory to the contract will remain in the apartment, i.e., where the contract is only being terminated for one tenant. Even in these situations, all tenants must sign the notice of termination.

A separate notice of termination form for the estate of a deceased person is available on the Forms page.

If they wish, tenants renting their apartment directly from Helsingin Asuntohankinta may also terminate a fixed-term rental contract prior to the end date stated in the contract.

The terms set out in the rental contract shall apply to apartments sublet in full.