Cleaning cooker extractor hoods and replacing the filters regularly are the responsibility of the tenant. Watch a video Cleaning the cooker hood.

Ventilation in your apartment only occurs as intended if the ventilation equipment is working correctly. Obstructive dust (and grease in the kitchen) collects easily between the frame and plate of the ventilation exhaust vents, with the gap in question often only a few millimetres wide. This means that it is very important to clean the vents on a regular basis, using a brush and cleaning fluid, for example. It is recommended to do this a couple times a year. Watch a tutorial on how to clean vents (in Finnish) or a tutorial on how to clean particularly dirty vents (in Finnish). NB: Do not touch the centre cone or change its adjustment as you clean the vent.

At the same time, it is also important to ensure that the apartment’s fresh air ventilation vents are open and clean. Residents must replace the filters regularly at least once a year unless the housing association has undertaken to replace the filters.

With both centralised and apartment-specific ventilation systems, the air pressure is set to help the systems remove air from the apartment by sucking it out. This is why the waste air removed by the ventilation systems will always be replaced by new air entering from wherever it is easiest to do so. If the fresh air ventilation vents are blocked, the replacement air cannot get through clean through the fresh air ventilation vents, but, instead, contaminated air gets into the apartment through the building structures or external door, for example.