Oy Helsingin Asuntohankinta Ab

Oy Helsingin Asuntohankinta Ab is owned by the City of Helsinki. The company owns approx. 3500 mainly small apartments situated around Helsinki. The major part of the apartments is rented for the City of Helsinki. The remaining apartments are available on the rental apartment market for so called market price.

Matters concerning renting an apartment directly from Helsingin Asuntohankinta are attended to by our apartment service. Flats can be applied for online. For inquiries call the company office.

Notices of defects according to liability distribution table (look Vastuunjakotaulukko on page Lomakkeet) either to the manager or the maintenance company of the housing company or to Your landlord or to the Helsingin Asuntohankinta’s office.

Tips for residents (pdf file)

Watch a video about fire safety

Watch a video Cleaning the bathroom floor drain.

Watch a video Cleaning drain traps.

Watch a video Cleaning the cooker hood.

Watch a video Ventilation ducts.

Watch a video Changing light bulbs and fuses.

Watch a video Sorting biowaste.

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